DuraQuartz Is Used To Create Unique Inlay “Panels” On Steep Vehicle Ramp

A steep ramp was added to an existing building in Canada.  All vehicles were susceptible to slipping when using the ramp and some accidents had occurred.

The customer had already tried roughening the ramp surface as well as cutting lines in the concrete for grip but with no reliable improvement in traction because the area is too dirty and the grooves fill with dirt within a day.

ENECON Ontario came up with a heavy-duty "traction panel system" cast with ENECRETE DuraQuartz that would provide grip for crawler tracks as well as rubber tires of all sizes.

The first set of panels was installed around a heavily damaged expansion joint.  The preparation and installation took 8 hours to install 60 precast traction panels, each weighing 7.5 kgs. and measuring 12" x 18" and cast of 100% DuraQuartz.

The panels were laid on a bed of DuraQuartz which acted as "glue" to hold the panels in place. The area was left to cure for 24 hours.

A year later, the "wear & tear" on the first section was evaluated.

No panels had fallen off or worn away but when that occurs eventually, the panels can be removed and replaced singularly.

All the equipment operators and the area manager have expressed their appreciation for this safety improvement. With only two days of shutdown time for installation plus the excellent traction improvement and good wear resistance, this customer solved a serious problem.


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