ENEFLOW Fluid Dynamic Power Cells

How does the patented ENEFLOW system work?

ENEFLOW systems don’t technically ‘soften” hard water. “Softening” usually means replacing some of the most essential minerals in the water with SODIUM, which doctors warn endangers health; or removing those minerals with special filters. Both methods present problems because of their pollution, health risks and/or wasted water. ENEFLOW systems treat water without chemicals through the principles of physics not chemistry.

Furthermore, ENEFLOW systems accelerate reagent diffusion, making chemicals such as disinfectants, biocides, corrosion inhibitors, etc., more efficient and effective.

The ENEFLOW Magnetic Circuit is divided into two parts:

(1) The permanent magnetic flux generators which supply the magnetomotive or driving force;

(2) The particular path the flux takes in getting from one pole of the flux generator to the other.

Our researchers have developed a unique magnetic circuit power cell design which directs the useful flux into the fluid and minimizes flux “leakage”. The powerful metallic alloy blend of nickel, cobalt, aluminum and iron chemically bonded to magnetoceramic ferrite produces an optimum residual induction in excess of 12,000 gauss – making the ENEFLOW Fluid Dynamic Power Cell the most powerful permanent magnetic circuit available for magnetohydrodynamic treatment of fluids.

The high cost of ‘scale’ (typical energy losses)
The table shows typical loss of efficiency proportional to varying thicknesses of scale.

scale thickness efficiency loss coal wasted
per ton
oil wasted
per 1000 gal
gas wasted
per 1000 cu ft
1/64 in. 4% 80 lb. 40 gal. 40 cu. ft.
1/32 in. 7% 140 lb. 70 gal. 70 cu. ft.
1/16 in. 11% 220 lb. 110 gal. 110 cu. ft.
1/8 in. 18% 360 lb. 180 gal. 180 cu. ft.
3/16 in. 27% 540 lb. 270 gal. 270 cu. ft.
1/4 in. 38% 760 lb. 380 gal. 380 cu. ft.
3/8 in. 48% 960 lb. 480 gal. 480 cu. ft.

This table clearly illustrates the importance of maintaining your HVAC equipment. You could be wasting a huge percentage of your energy costs due to scale build-up in boilers, water heaters and heat exchangers.

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