ENEFLOW Fluid Dynamic Power Cells

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This list represents only a small portion of the numerous ways and methods that can be found for any/all of ENEFLOW’s fluid flow problem solving systems. We trust that you, our valued client, in your own environment, will discover many new and productive ways to make your work easier and cut your plant operating costs through the continued use of our ENEFLOW fluid dynamic power cells.

It is, as always, our pleasure to serve you. Your local ENECON representative looks forward to working with you, and may be called upon at any time. Also, you are welcome to call our fluid flow Hotline at 888-4-ENECON from 9 AM to 5 PM (EST) Monday through Friday. Our technical staff is always ready to assist you.

Helps to reduce mineral scale build-up in tubes
Bottling Plants
Eliminate bottle washer and hot water heater buildup
Car Washes
Eliminate spotting, reduce chlorine needed for algae control in recycled wash water; reduce soap and wax usage
Coffee Makers
Remove and eliminate scale and scale removal chemicals
Commercial Dishwashers
Eliminate Scale on nozzles and soap scum buildup; eliminate scale in boost heater. Eliminate spotting
Concrete Plants
Eliminate water treatment of heated water in winter; improves concrete strength
Cooling Towers
Scale Prevention; improve biocide performance; reduce biocide requirements
Domestic Water
Scale Prevention and removal; eliminate heater noises
Geothermal Heat Pumps
Eliminate scale formed in cooling season condenser sections
Heat Exchangers
Eliminate & prevent scale buildup
Hot Water Heaters
Eliminate scale in circulating loop
Control scale build-up
Ice Makers
Keeps ice maker clean and prevents softness due to scale
Eliminate water heater scale; eliminate soap scum
Oil Burners
Place on fuel line to improve efficiency and reduce burner gun clogging and soot buildup. Reduce oil usage
Eliminate scale and improve chemical effectiveness
Swimming Pools
Improve chemical effectiveness; help stabilize pH and total Alkalinity; eliminates descaling chemicals

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